December 8, 2023

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Trader Joe’s Finally Brought Back a Fan-Favorite Coffee, and Shoppers Are Rushing to Get Their Hands On It

Trader Joe’s Finally Brought Back a Fan-Favorite Coffee, and Shoppers Are Rushing to Get Their Hands On It

Trader Joe’s

What’s a morning without coffee? Most of us can’t fathom starting our day without our regular cup of joe, let alone imagine a world where the caffeinated beverage doesn’t exist. There’s something about the warmth of a mug in your hands and that first sip feeling that just hits different.

In an ever-changing economic environment, more and more consumers are ditching their usual Starbucks run and are opting to make their own handcrafted beverages at home. Whether you’re whipping up a latte or cappuccino, the most critical ingredient is the caffeinated base. Choosing the perfect coffee for your daily brew can be a tedious task but thankfully, there are countless reviews from coffee fans all over the world to help you narrow it down.

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The most recent product to receive rave reviews from fans is an instant coffee option from famed grocer Trader Joe’s. No stranger to stocking a cult-favorite item, the eclectic grocer has kept fans waiting for the return of this widely acclaimed commodity.

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The Trader Joe’s 100% Colombian Instant Coffee promises to change your mind about instant coffee for good. What’s so great about their version? For starters, as opposed to freeze-dried granules, TJ’s uses a process called agglomeration, which means the granules are formed into round balls, resulting in a well-rounded cup with no pesky granules left behind. Aside from the taste, the incredible price of $4.49 is an added bonus.

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News of the restock made waves on social media, with fans expressing their utter delight at the return of the favorite after it was recalled due to supply chain issues.

A photo of the instant coffee popped up on the ever-reliable Trader Joe’s subreddit and users flocked to the comments section. “I’m so excited it’s back,” said one person while others expressed their interest to try a cup. “Looking forward to trying this!” commented one user while another chimed in, “Hoping it’s at least somewhat similar to the instant cold brew in the red cap bottle 🥲”

Looking to try your hand at crafting a cold beverage rather than a hot one? This limited edition pumpkin spice cold foam is just the finishing touch you’ve been missing.

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