December 8, 2023

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Toddler Goes Viral for Requesting Coffee Maker Instruction Manual as Bedtime Story (Exclusive)

Toddler Goes Viral for Requesting Coffee Maker Instruction Manual as Bedtime Story (Exclusive)

“At first, I could not stop laughing,” the 3-year-old’s au pair tells PEOPLE of the unique request

A 3-year-old girl in North Carolina is going viral for her unique choice of a bedtime story.

Megan Mordaunt, an au pair based in Charlotte, shared a hilarious video on TikTok last month of her reading quite the unconventional bedtime story to the little girl she watches.

Instead of the usual children’s books requested by the toddler, Mordaunt says the 3-year-old asked her to read aloud the instructional manual for the family’s iced coffee machine.

“At first I could not stop laughing when she asked me but managed to calm down when she kept saying ‘Meg Meg, read the story,’ ” Mordaunt tells PEOPLE.

“Every day when we’re getting ready for nap time, I let her grab two books from her bookshelf in her room for me to read to her. However, on this specific day, she clearly somehow remembered the iced coffee instructions manual she must have spotted lying on the kitchen counter while standing on her kitchen step ladder.”

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“She then beelined for the kitchen, grabbed it and handed it to me saying ‘Meg, Meg read this one,’ ” the au pair recalls.

Mordaunt says this is the first time the toddler has asked for a bedtime story like this, though she says the little girl has an “incredible imagination.”

“She’s a very intelligent child, although she is still too young for us to establish whether or not she is into mechanics or not,” she says. “What we do know is she’s super creative and she does and says the funniest things sometimes.”

Mordaunt tells PEOPLE she was “extremely surprised” by the response to her video — the clip has already been viewed more than 3 million times.

“I found it funny, which is why I posted it, although just after I had posted I thought to myself ‘I wonder if it’s just me who thinks this is funny,’ ” she says. “It was only when I posted it on my Instagram Story and received so many replies that I decided to post it on TikTok.”

“The fact that the video has reached 3 million views blew me away.”

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