December 8, 2023

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The Bodum Bistrom burr coffee grinder is 17% off today

The Bodum Bistrom burr coffee grinder is 17% off today

True coffee connoisseurs know that freshly ground beans can really make a difference when it comes to the taste of your coffee, and right now Amazon is taking more than $15 off the stylish Bodum Bistro electric grinder.

17% off

This coffee grinder features 12 different grind settings for everything from espresso to French press. 

Our pick for best budget grinder, Bodum’s electric coffee grinder does the most with your favorite bag of beans, whether your blend of choice is a superpowered espresso, low-key decaf or morning cup from your French press. The sleek design of the unit means it looks great on your counter if you like to keep it handy, and it holds nearly 8 ounces of coffee beans.

Where it really shines is its adjustability: It has 12 different settings for pretty much any kind of grind your brewing machine of choice demands. It also does one better than blade grinders by employing steel conical burrs instead, which help to unlock the aroma of your coffee and get the most out of each bean.