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The Best Mushroom Coffee in 2023: I Tried 10 Delicious Roasts To Find Adaptogenic Benefits | Paid Content | Cleveland

The Best Mushroom Coffee in 2023: I Tried 10 Delicious Roasts To Find Adaptogenic Benefits | Paid Content | Cleveland
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Coffee is synonymous with sunrise — signaling the beginning of a new day, opening tired eyes, and washing away the haze of a dream-filled night. As one of the most in-demand products on the market, coffee is practically part of the fabric of America, unchanged for hundreds of years, until now. Coffee has found a way to get better, on a recent podcast Joe Rogan and Dr Andrew Huberman of Stanford University swear by mushroom coffee for both mental and physical benefits. Mushroom coffee delivers everything from improved cognitive performance, boost in energy and better sleep.

Burgeoning interest in functional mushrooms has companies tripping over themselves to create new and exciting methods of consumption, and mushroom coffees are a recent entry into this rapidly expanding product category. Functional mushrooms go by several names and though they might sound new, these fungi are well-established in traditional eastern medicines, lauded for a colossal variety of purposes.

So with that if you’re unfamiliar with the best mushroom coffee for sale today, we’ll talk about the best brands and the benefits mushroom coffee can bring to you.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee takes the beneficial properties of functional mushrooms and combines them in a product that most adults use everyday. Regular consumption of functional mushrooms is essential to the efficacy of the product and studies have shown that medicinal mushrooms work best when consumed every day at regular intervals.

Granted, the idea of drinking mushroom infused coffee might turn your stomach, but the delicious flavor and extensive selection will leave you pleasantly surprised. Mushroom coffee is a novel product and one which can deliver the energy desired from caffeinated beverages but without any jitters, and no burnout after.

First Glance: Top Mushroom Coffee Brands

  1. Brain Brands
  2. Mud/wtr
  3. Four sigmatic
  4. Earth & Star
  5. Deme Medicinal Mushroom + Cacao
  6. Taika
  7. Califia
  8. Daily Harvest
  9. Clevr
  10. Rheal Superfoods

The Best Mushrooms Coffee For Sale In 2023: The Top 5

#1 Brain Brands 7 Mushroom Blend

Sometimes less is more, but when it comes to functional mushroom coffee — the more types of mushrooms contained in one coffee; the better the results.

Brain Brands Seven Mushroom Blend Coffee is roasted in small batches and shipped weekly direct to customers. It’s the only brand to do this and is practically brimming with adaptogens and antioxidants, boasting 19,230 mg of mushroom extract per bag from seven unique functional mushroom strains. This is the most potent on the market we could find.

In every cup of Brain brands’ Seven Mushroom Blend Coffee, you’ll receive the effects of organic Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi, and Turkey Tail mushrooms grown in the USA.

The rich, bold taste of Columbian coffee beans roasted in the pacific northwest produces an authentic coffee flavor that will satisfy even the staunchest coffee snobs. Each week the company small batch brews the coffee and mixes the mushroom complex and ships direct to the customer within a few days of brewing, the only brand to offer fresh roasting and you can taste the freshness and quality.

The mushroom coffee is marketed for focus, memory, and immune support, but given the various effects of the 7 strains of adaptogenic mushrooms this functional beverage may include a range of additional health benefits.

Brain Brands Seven Mushroom Blend Coffee is priced for daily consumption — a 12 oz bag for $24.95 comes with 32 servings, equaling 75 cents per cup.

Brain Brands is also brewed fresh for UK and Canadian coffee drinkers.

Brain Brands retails in Canada for $35.99

Brain Brands retails in the UK for £21.99

If you value organic ingredients, sustainable practices, and trust built on 15,000 customer reviews, look to Brain Brands for the best mushroom coffee in 2023.

The Best Mushroom Coffee in 2023: I Tried 10 Delicious Roasts To Find Adaptogenic Benefits (2)


For clarity’s sake — MUD/WTR isn’t real coffee, rather it’s a potent coffee substitute that provides a boost of energy with significantly lower caffeine levels. The company states that their mushroom coffee benefits consumers while containing just 1/7th the caffeine of regular coffee, and it’s made with 100% organic ingredients.

MUD/WTR’s claim that their coffee alternative can deliver real energy is more than just bold marketing; their mushroom coffee features an appealing mix of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps mushrooms; together these mushrooms provide an immune boost, adaptogens for stress and anxiety, and cordyceps for energy and athletic performance.

The MUD/WTR brand name sounds revolting, but the adaptogenic brew tastes of chai, cinnamon, and chocolate, and the “mud water” tag is merely a reference to the murky brown, unappealing consistency of the product when mixed with hot water.

A 30-serving pack of MUD/WTR typically retails for $60, but the brand does occasionally sell their products for $40. And for those who don’t need a boost in the morning, MUD/WTR offers a nighttime blend that’s perfect for sleep.

#3 Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic is mass produced and can be found in many supermarkets and grocery stores.

Four Sigmatic makes shopping easy by categorizing their mushroom supplements by function and product type. You can pick up a blend for think, defend, or chill, removing the need to examine mushroom contents and pick the ideal type. Consumers can choose between coffee, cacao, and protein powder to mix with a shake or the beverage of choice.

Of course, for the coffee lover, alternative products are redundant, and Four Sigmatic’s incredible roasts are reason enough to support the brand. Shoppers can buy medium, dark roast, and decaf. Four Sigmatic sell whole beans, ground coffee in bags, and instant coffee packages. You can also shop for an infused creamer and café mocha instant coffee.

These coffees include Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms, often bolstered by additional supplements such as Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and some feature probiotics for digestion.

#4 Earth & Star

Chaga, cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Reishi are all featured in one of the best mushroom coffee blends from Earth & Star. Their organic ground coffee is highly concentrated with roughly 1200 mg of mushroom extract in every serving. The blend has a number of benefits such as enhancing immune function, providing a sense of calm, and aiding with clarity and focus

The dark roast flavor will delight coffee lovers; unfortunately, there’s no medium roast available. Earth & Star mushroom coffee is sold through their online store and through major suppliers like Amazon. Non-coffee drinkers will enjoy the alternative mushroom supplements more with a selection of tinctures, infused gummies, chocolates and lates.

#5 Deme

Deme is another brand for shoppers who want the energy of coffee but without the actual coffee. Deme combines medicinal mushrooms and cacao and produces a functional mushroom coffee that offers a range of health benefits. Within every cup, you enjoy the healing potential of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, and Maitake.

Consumers who desire enhanced energy, stress management, improved cognitive abilities, and disease prevention will all find something that appeals to them with this brand. The products sell in boxes with 3 servings or 12, for $9 and $34 respectively.

Cacao from Deme includes additional ingredients — some for flavor and others for added relief. There’s cinnamon for taste and inflammation relief, Cayenne for digestion, and coconut milk powder boasting high quantities of zinc, iron, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

#6 Taika

Shoppers who’d prefer to kick start their day with a cold brewed mocha latte have a morning companion in Taika. The company offers several flavor options, some of which are very unique: there’s an oat milk latte, a macadamia latte, black coffee, matcha latte, and a coffee sampler. Caffeine content fluctuates depending on the flavor of choice.

Taika mushroom coffee is available in 2 can sample packs and in packs of 12. While the variety of flavors certainly offers something for most mushroom coffee buyers, the price point is elevated compared to the most affordable brands. A pack of 12 cans costs $59, which isn’t particularly cost effective for people who plan to use this product everyday.

Shoppers who value purity will appreciate the plant-based ingredients and no added sugar.

#7 Califia

Califia Farms operate out of California, specializing in dairy-free mushroom coffee supplements and creamers, designed for everyday use, and priced accordingly. Unlike many of their competitors, Califia sells their products online and in local stores and prices are generally far more consumer-friendly than other leading brands. You can pick up 48 Oz creamers for under $12 and make it last for weeks.

If you struggle with decision making, then shopping on Califia might present a challenge — there are close to 50 different creamers and infused lattes for sale on their website, with a vast range of flavors, sweetened or unsweetened, made with almond milk or coconut or oat milk. The variety doesn’t end there as you can also shop for an infused lemonade and cold brew coffee. Unfortunately, they do not ship to all locations.

#8 Daily Harvest

While some of these mushroom brands are probably unknown to new shoppers, Daily Harvest has garnered significant name recognition due to their meal delivery service; they sell everything from fruits and vegetables to chia bowls, smoothies, flatbreads, and so much more.

Likewise, shoppers can also purchase a functional mushroom latte from Daily Harvest and include it in their meal service. The beverages are economical, available at $5.99 and including 2 latte servings. The latte features Chaga and Reishi mushrooms, as well as maple, cinnamon, cacao, and vanilla bean for taste. All of this might sound enticing, but it’s important to keep in mind that this mushroom coffee is sold as part of a meal plan and not in single servings — a commitment is required.

#9 Clevr Blends

Superfoods, adaptogens, and probiotics — is what’s offered in every serving from Clevr Blends Coffee Superlatte. This mushroom coffee supplement contains Reishi and Lion’s Mane for adaptogenic benefits, and Ashwagandha extract for added anti-inflammatory properties and stress relief.

This superfood brew mixes Arabica coffee and creamy oat milk for a smooth and satisfying finish. Packages offer 14 servings and sell for $28 in single purchase orders. Clevr blends products are third-party tested, ethically sourced, and the mushroom coffee is dairy-free and sugar-free.

#10 Rheal Superfoods

With Rheal Superfoods you get a collection of supplements that tout adaptogens and antioxidants — you can enjoy mushroom coffee benefits or pick a different application method for the same results. Rheal Superfoods also carry greens, raw mushrooms, protein powders and bundles. Shoppers can choose the product type that suits their needs, or they can shop by benefits: Immunity, Focus, Energy, Fitness and Gut Health.

If it’s a new morning brew that you’re seeking and a boost in adaptogens, you’ll find it here. There’s an instant coffee option, coffee grounds, and 2 bundles; one for focus and one for a variety of mushroom coffee benefits. Rheal Superfoods operates out of the United Kingdom, so shoppers who live in North America will need to pay extra for international shipping.

What Are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms are called by multiple names; some refer to them as adaptogenic mushrooms for their high level of adaptogens — hormones that prepare the body and mind for stress — or medicinal mushrooms, which is a reference to their inclusion in traditional medicines.

What’s essential to understand about functional mushrooms is that they provide benefits beyond just nutrition. Functional mushrooms augment the body, and each strain offers something a little different:

  • Chaga: Mushrooms that are high in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Cordyceps: These mushrooms are great for enhancing athletic performance. Cordyceps are also prized for their immune boosting effects and possibly as a tool to slow aging.

  • Lion’s Mane: Lion’s Mane is a brain boosting mushroom that helps with memory retention, supports a positive mood, and can enhance focus and learning.

  • Maitake: Containing polysaccharides and beta glucans — maitake mushrooms could potentially inhibit tumor growth and help combat cancer.

  • Reishi: Regular consumption of Reishi mushrooms can help people stay calm. Long term use could also stave off anxiety and boost immune function too.

  • Shiitake: Shiitake mushrooms are more than just a popular cooking ingredient as they support cardiovascular health and immune function. The mushrooms are also believed to provide anti-aging benefits.

  • Turkey Tail: An immune booster that’s high in antioxidants. Turkey Tail mushrooms have the potential to help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, as evidenced in their use in cancer treatments in Japan.

How To Make Mushroom Coffee?

If you’ve made coffee before, then you already know how to enjoy a range of mushroom coffee benefits because these brews are made at home in the same manner as regular caffeinated drinks.

  • Coffee Grounds: You can add coffee grounds to a traditional coffee maker or add it to a disposable k-cup. Of course, a French press is also an option.

  • Instant coffee: Simply open a package and empty it into a mug. Add hot water and you’re all set.

  • Whole Beans: Use a coffee grinder to break down the beans to your desired consistency. From there, you’re free to use a French press or a stovetop espresso coffee maker.

  • K-cups: This is as straightforward as it gets. Just use them in a Keurig coffee maker.

  • Cacao: Just add hot water and stir.

  • Mushroom Creamer: Make your favorite coffee at home and add your desired amount of sweetener.

Not A Coffee Drinker? You Have Options

Many shoppers seek mushroom coffee benefits, thinking that this is the only mushroom supplement for sale. Though mushroom coffees are certainly popular and typically the most widely available product, there’s a plethora of products, and something for every kind of shopper.

Mushroom Capsules

There are 2 major advantages to taking mushroom capsules: direction and precision dosing. Mushroom capsules are swallowed with a glass of water for effortless ingestion, and there’s no flavor or odor of any kind. This is also a great option for people who are worried about tinkering with dosage.


  • Cost effective

  • Discreet

  • Precision dosage


  • Limited potencies

  • Fewer options

Mushroom Powder

Some people choose mushroom powder supplements because you can add them to your favorite foods and beverages, rather than being confined to one method. Mushroom powder has an earthy taste, so it’s best applied to foods with a strong flavor or smoothies that mix multiple ingredients together.

Mushroom powder is the most economical adaptogenic supplement and you’ll get more use out of one bottle than a pre-mixed mushroom powder.


  • Cost effective

  • Can add it to any food


Mushroom Tinctures

Just like mushroom powders — mushroom oil tinctures provide flexibility to shoppers. There are reasons that shoppers choose this particular product over a powder; oil tinctures are compact and ideal for tucking into a bag or purse, and they mix easily into smoothies and beverages without significantly altering the flavor. Oils are an option for sublingual application as they’re quickly absorbed under the tongue and there’s no mixing required, plus, the product is cost effective for long term daily use.


  • Cost effective

  • High potency


Mushroom Broths

Given that many soups already feature mushrooms, adding a mushroom broth into the mix doesn’t alter the recipe. Functional mushroom broths are simply created, made with just water, herbs, and mushrooms. You can use a broth as a base for homemade soup or simply consume it as is. These broths aren’t sold everywhere and only some companies carry them. The good news is that adaptogenic mushroom broths are generally inexpensive.


  • Affordable

  • Simple ingredients


Takeaway: The Best Mushroom Coffee For Sale In 2023

Functional mushroom benefits consumers and enhances your morning routine in ways that no caffeinated beverage can match. By simply adding a functional mushroom beverage to your morning you can supercharge your immune system, gain anti-inflammatory benefits, support cognitive function, and lead a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. Mushroom coffee removes many of the drawbacks of caffeine such as jitters and anxiety, with less caffeine and no compromise on energy.

Of all the incredible mushroom coffee for sale in 2023, Brain Brands leads the charge, offering the perfect mix of adaptogens for whole body effects, sold at prices that encourage daily consumption. Of course, what is coffee without bold flavor?

Brain Brands Mushroom coffee is rich and satisfying, ethically sourced, and brimming with adaptogens. Best of all, you’ll think you’re drinking a premium roast without any added ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mushroom Coffee

What does mushroom coffee taste like?

Not all mushroom coffee tastes the same. When you purchase whole beans or coffee grounds, you’ll receive a product that is often indistinguishable from a regular coffee. Cacao and other coffee substitutes have an earthy flavor, with hints of chocolate, and sometimes include cinnamon for added flavoring.

Where can I buy mushroom coffee?

Most mushroom coffees are sold through online vendors, by the companies that produce them. Amazon also distributes mushroom coffees on behalf of some of the brands featured above, but these products frequently go out of stock. You might also encounter mushroom coffee at some local health and wellness stores.

What are the benefits of mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee benefits are determined by the mushroom strains which are included in the brew. Certain coffees are formulated for energy and focus, and others are meant to offer stress relief and pain management. All mushroom coffee provides a boost of adaptogens, antioxidants, and valuable nutrients.

How often do you drink mushroom coffee?

One of two cups a day should do the trick. Mushroom coffees vary in potency and some do include heaping amounts of mushroom extract, and others are lower in content. Read the packaging and follow the directions.