December 8, 2023

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The Best Keurig Coffee Makers for a Faster Brew

The Best Keurig Coffee Makers for a Faster Brew

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When the first Keurig coffee maker arrived on the market more than 20 years ago, the lives of coffee enthusiasts everywhere shifted fast. Instead of having to brew a whole pot of coffee or buy a bag of beans, users could make just one cup in only a few minutes by way of K-cups; these tiny pods contain ground coffee that are inserted into the device’s compartment, and then pierced by the machine to force water through the grounds and into your cup.

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In the years since its debut, Keurig has expanded its offerings to include other models that can do a whole lot more than brew a single cup of coffee, including machines that can froth milk, make cold brew, or brew enough coffee if you’re hosting company. Overall, you just can’t beat the convenience of being able to make your own coffee at home without having to rely on a coffee shop, not to mention save some money at the same time. Looking to invest in a Keurig machine but not sure which one is right for your coffee setup? We have you covered with our guide to the best Keurig machines to consider.

Keurig Coffee Maker Buying Guide

From specific functions to the amount of coffee that gets brewed, here’s what you might want to think about when picking out your next Keurig coffee maker.

A few of the simplest and important features to consider come down to how you’re going to use your coffee machine. Are you looking for something that brews a single cup of coffee, or are you looking for a device that can offer more? Depending on your preference, consider the size of what a “cup” of coffee is to you, as different models offer different sizes, with some even having the option to customize how much coffee is in your desired cup.

Also be aware of your preference when it comes to how much water your coffee maker’s reservoir holds, as well as its capacity for automations, or if you prefer to do things manually.

The Best Keurig Coffee Makers

Below is our list of the best Keurig branded coffee makers, from single-serve machines to models that can do a whole lot more.

1. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker



Keurig’s K-Elite Coffee Maker has everything a coffee lover could want and more, whether you prefer your beverages hot or iced. You can also make a cup of tea if that’s what you’re in the mood for, or even oatmeal thanks to the hot water on-demand feature. You can brew cups anywhere from 4 to 12 ounces large in minutes. And thanks to its large removable reservoir (holding 75 ounces of water), you can make up to eight cups before it’s time for a refill.

Buy: Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker $119.99

2. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker



Whether you live in a dorm room or you happen to have a smaller kitchen, Keurig’s K-Slim Coffee Maker gets the job done and doesn’t need a whole lot of space to do so. Despite its compact size, this device can store up to 46 ounces of water in its reservoir; you can brew four 8 ounce cups before it’s time for a refill.

Just because you’re trying to save on space doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on your coffee; the K-Slim can brew hot or iced coffee and even automatically adjusts the brew temperature to extract the complete flavor before it cools down so your ice doesn’t melt too fast.

Buy: Keurig K-Slim Single Serve Coffee Maker $89.99

3. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker



Coffee? Cappuccino? Latte? Whatever you’re craving, Keurig’s K-Cafe Coffee Maker has you covered; just use any one of the K-cup pods. The smart start feature streamlines the process by heating up and brewing automatically — no need to wait around for it to heat. You can select your cup size, whether it’s 6 or 12 ounces large. The K-Cafe comes loaded with a handful of impressive brewing features. For example, it alerts you when it’s time to “descale” your device; descaling is an important process that allows you to remove built-up mineral deposits that, if left unchecked, can negatively impact the taste of your brew. It’s also safe to wash in the top rack of your dishwasher, making clean up hassle free.

Buy: Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve Coffee Maker $162.99

4. Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Make



Single-serve devices are convenient, but sometimes you just need more coffee. Consider the K-Duo, which functions as both a single serve and drip coffee machine and comes with a 12-cup thermal carafe, keeping your brew hot for hours. This device’s versatility also extends beyond its coffee making abilities. If counter space is something of a sore subject, you can adjust its 60-ounce water reservoir attach to the right, left, or even along the back of the machine. There’s also an array of features, including a programmable auto-brew, smart start, strong brew, and even pause and pour; the K-Duo will pause while it brews for 20 seconds to allow the carafe to be poured.

Buy: Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker $199.99

5. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker



Simple is the K-Mini’s middle name, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re easy to please when it comes to drinking coffee (or just aren’t looking for a device with a lot of bells and whistles) this sleek device can brew cups between 6 and 12 ounces large in less than two minutes without using a significant amount of energy. It even automatically turns off after 90 seconds of inactivity. While you do need to add water to the reservoir before each brew, the only other step is adding your K-cup; it’s extremely easy to use, which is a bonus if you’re short on time. It’s also available in a variety of colors, from classic black to poppy red.

Buy: Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker $63.80

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