September 24, 2023

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The Best Coffee at Trader Joe’s, According to Employees

The Best Coffee at Trader Joe’s, According to Employees

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Getting bored of drinking the same cup of coffee every single morning? There’s a flavor at Trader Joe’s that could completely change your coffee game.

In the most recent episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast, host and Trader Joe’s vice president of marketing Tara Miller sat down with Trader Joe’s crew member Rashinda Harris, who is the category manager for coffee, tea and beverages at the chain.

After talking about coffee supply and demand and how Harris locates the best quality beans for the brand, Miller asked the question that we all were waiting for: What’s the coffee expert’s favorite coffee product?

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“Ethiopian Blend is my favorite flavor,” Harris said, specifying that she prefers drip coffee or to make her own reusable pods.

The Trader Joe’s Ethiopia Small Lot Coffee Bale Mountain medium roast has listed tasting notes of cocoa nibs, strawberry and cinnamon, so we can definitely see why it’s a favorite. Made with 100% Arabica whole bean coffee, the beans are hand-picked by farmers in central Ethiopia and are sun-dried on bamboo racks, giving the coffee a sweet and fruity flavor.

Unfortunately, Harris’ favorite coffee isn’t available in stores anymore. Since coffee is a crop, Harris explains that the store has to rotate through products depending on what’s available. Luckily, you can find a similar version, Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Shade Grown Ethiopian Whole Bean Coffee, on Amazon. The medium dark roast is noted to have a floral aroma and is also made with Arabica whole bean coffee.

It’s always rewarding to make your own coffee in the morning. Want to try other coffee flavors and blends at Trader Joe’s? Here’s a few other products that we recommend:

And if you’re looking to jazz up your typical morning mug, try out these healthy coffee and tea recipes you should be making instead of buying.

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