February 26, 2024

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Skip the Espresso Machine Splurge, and Grab This Editor-Loved Coffee Tool for Just $32 Instead

Skip the Espresso Machine Splurge, and Grab This Editor-Loved Coffee Tool for Just  Instead

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It’s one of the most affordable coffee makers out there.

The first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning is make a cup of coffee. And even though this is typically a groggy activity, choosing the right coffee maker is important. There are so many different types of coffee makers out there, from drip machines to French presses and pour over carafes, that it’s difficult to decide on just one. But if you want one that is convenient and simple to use, that will  still produce a bold, fragrant cup of coffee, there’s one choice that stands out from the pack.

The Aeropress Original Coffee Press is compact, portable and one of the most highly praised coffee makers out there. In fact, our editors love it, too — and you can get one for yourself right now on sale for just $32 at Amazon.


To buy: Aeropress Original Coffee Press, $32 (originally $40) at amazon.com

The Aeropress measures 4.75- by 4.7- by 11.75-inches and weighs just over 10 ounces, so it’s small and light enough to take camping, hiking, or on a road trip. When you use it at home, it doesn’t take up counter space like an espresso or drip machine and can easily be put away when it’s not in use.

It also brews coffee faster than a French press or regular pour-over maker. Just add a paper filter to the Aeropress filter cap, then twist the cap onto the chamber. Pour your coffee grounds and hot water into the chamber, then let it steep a few seconds (or longer, if you prefer a stronger cup of coffee). Once you’re ready to drink your coffee, insert the separate plunger attachment into the chamber and press down until you hit the coffee grounds or your favorite coffee mug is filled to the brim.

Our Senior Commerce Editor Dana Fouchia praised how “consistent” this coffee maker is, writing that it has never disappointed her. According to Fouchia, the “ultimate selling point” is the fact that it produces “low-in-acidity, unbelievably smooth, bitter-less,” coffee.

The Aeropress does produce just one cup of coffee at a time, but it’s also much more affordable than most coffee and espresso machines — and you can make a fully customizable cup of coffee each time, depending on the amount of water you add to the chamber. Fouchia also loves its “proven durability.” She has used it for years, and it has yet to falter.

Another big draw to the Aeropress is its portability. Fouchia writes that it has traveled with her from “one apartment to another.” Our testers agreed with her, and named it the best overall camping coffee maker. Not only is it lightweight, but it “doubles as both a brewing vessel and travel mug,” so it saves space when you’re on the move.

If you’re considering an expensive espresso machine, try the Aeropress coffee press instead. It’s versatile and small enough to keep at home or take on outdoor adventures, and yet still makes a full-bodied cup of coffee. At just $32, there’s never been a better time to grab one.

At the time of publishing, the price was $32.

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