December 3, 2023

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Roaches shut down coffee machines, and mold on a Slushee dispenser at a Miami 7-Eleven

Roaches shut down coffee machines, and mold on a Slushee dispenser at a Miami 7-Eleven

As roaches crawled over coffee machines, so did Stop Use Orders from a state inspector, stopping the flow of joe from four coffee machines at a Miami 7-Eleven store since Tuesday.

Florida Department of Agriculture inspector James Zheng also found the Brickell 7-Eleven, 1099 SW First Ave., lacking in hot water so employees could properly wash their hands after using the restroom.

“Food establishment has 30 calendar days to provide hot water at hand sink in employee unisex restroom,” the inspection said.

The Ag Department inspects supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, food processors, food distributors and food storage facilities. Unlike state inspections of restaurants by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, getting the lowest inspection result, “Re-Inspection Required,” doesn’t shut down the establishment.

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But the inspector can drop Stop Use Orders on equipment or areas of the establishment. Enough of those and management might decide it’s not worth opening.

This 7-Eleven remained open after the loss of coffee machines after Tuesday’s inspection. But that was only one of many problems found by Inspector Zheng.

Many 7-Eleven visitors have a sense that food on those rolling grills aren’t safe for consumption by man, beast or native of Krypton. They would be correct in this instance about the chicken and Monterrey cheese taquitos and the steak and cheese taquitos, which needed to be 135 degrees and were as low as 120 degrees. They got tossed.

Similarly, in the large hot box — or, large way-too-cool box — buffalo wings, pepperoni pizza, boneless sriracha chicken wings and chimichangas weren’t close to being warm enough. Nor were the chicken sandwiches and slider burgers in the small hot box. Also tossed. The small Wisco brand hot box got hit with a Stop Use Order for being a not-hot-enough box.

In the reach-in cooler, who knows how long a box of pork and vegetable egg rolls had been there. There wasn’t a date marking and nobody could determine when it was opened. That got tossed.

Roaches were found walking “on the counter under the Franke coffee machine; on the back of the Franke coffee machine; on the wall of the counter near the trash chute next to the Franke coffee machine; and on inside of the cabinet door under the Franke coffee machine. Stop-use order issued for coffee machines at island counter.

The Stop Use Order on one of the coffee machines at the Brickell 7-Eleven.

That took out the large and small Franke coffee machines, the Bunn American coffee machine, and the Curtis cappucino machine.

The Slushee dispenser had “black and pink mold-like growth” on the outside plastic surface.

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