December 8, 2023

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Jura Z10 review: a bean-to-cup coffee machine that makes cold brews, too

Jura Z10 review: a bean-to-cup coffee machine that makes cold brews, too

The Jura Z10 is a versatile bean-to-cup coffee machine from Swiss manufacturer, Jura. It comes with the precision and power to grind beans, extract coffee, and froth milk, resulting in the perfect cup of coffee every time – once you’ve got the knack for its settings, that is. 

If you’re wanting barista-grade coffee at home without having to invest in professional kit, then the best bean-to-cup coffee machines will be more than sufficient for your needs. Models such as the Jura Z10 are more complex when it comes to maintenance, and may offer too much customization; but the Z10 does come with some seriously smart features alongside excellent performance that make it all worth it.

On the surface, making a drink is as simple as prodding the 4.3-inch touchscreen to select one of the 32 available specialty coffees (or using the roller dial to navigate the sometimes frustrating screen interface), adjusting the settings if needed, and waiting for your coffee to brew. You can choose from 10 coffee strength settings and milk/foam temperature settings, as well as the volume and length of time for the milk.

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Once you’ve cracked the settings, and provided you use good quality beans, the Z10’s Product Recognising Grinder (PRG) – or Automatic Grinder Adjustment (AGA) in the UK and Australia – and 3D brewing technology guarantee high-quality results. Even the cold brews taste excellent, thanks to Jura’s high-pressure cold water technology for making eight types of specialty coffees, meaning I no longer have to worry about the lengthy, hassling task of cold brewing for my iced lattes.