September 26, 2023

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I’m a barista and the Breville The Barista Pro is the best espresso machine that I’ve used

I’m a barista and the Breville The Barista Pro is the best espresso machine that I’ve used

The Breville The Barista Pro espresso machine is my favorite coffee machine on the market. To give you some context, I trained as a barista nearly ten years ago and have been making coffees ever since. I’ve seen and tasted the good, the bad, and the bitter. This is the best.

Breville makes a range of kitchen appliances, but I’ve come to love their coffee range. Each appliance is technically perfect and stylish, plus they don’t charge unwarranted prices. They’re expensive, but for a good reason.

Taking the Barista Pro to our test kitchen was my dream day. Very quickly, I realised that this would effortlessly be taking top spot in out roundup of the best coffee makers on the market.

Not only does this look the part, it makes incredible brews. The coffee is so good, I sacrificed a night’s sleep for it.

Breville The Barista Pro: Key Info

  • Dimensions: 13.9 x 13.5 x 16 inches

  • Pressure: 15 bars

  • Water tank capacity: 67 fl oz

  • Grind settings: 30

  • Power: 1680 W

  • Portafilter size: 2.1 inches

  • Weight: 20 lbs

Breville The Barista Pro: First impressions

Breville The Barista Pro on countertop

If you imagine the perfect, beautiful classic espresso machine it’s probably got lots of stainless steel, a bean hopper, some technical screens or dials, and 360 degree milk wand. It’s a funny coincidence, but that description also matches the Barista Pro. They did their research.

As with many espresso machines, this has a large footprint. At 20 pounds, it’s also really heavy. I could have done with drinking a coffee before I tried lifting it onto the countertop and I definitely needed one after.

Even though it’s big, this is smart and it looks the part. The industrial, scientific look isn’t for everyone, but it’s a coffee badge of honor. Lots of people display their machines with pride. The stainless steel is relatively high maintenance, so I would recommend using a microfiber cloth like this from Walmart to keep it clean, especially if it will be on view.

Making coffee in the Breville The Barista Pro

Breville The Barista Pro portafilter

Breville The Barista Pro portafilter

I don’t want to gush or make myself sound like an advert, but I think you can predict how this performed across my coffee tests. It was faultless.

Rather than use boilers, Breville has developed an innovative ThermoCoil warming system which readies your machine in a couple of minutes. Some machines can take up to twenty, so this is the perfect start to any coffee making process. I did wonder whether it was a gimmick, but it isn’t. The ThermoCoil system maintains heat, even after steaming, so you’ll never have to impatiently stand, waiting for your coffee machine to warm up.

Breville The Barista Pro making espresso

Breville The Barista Pro making espresso

With an integrated grinder and bean hopper, the Barista Pro guarantees you great coffee. The easily adjustable grind settings work quickly, and relatively quietly at 70 dBA, to produce pre-measured quantities of coffee grounds into your portafilter. You can choose from a range of 30 different grinder settings. I settled on the finest, since I like quite delicate coffee.

When I wanted to pull my shot, I locked the portafilter into place. I didn’t need to hold a hand on top; the machine is sturdy enough to hold its own when I locked the portafilter into place. Then I pressed for a double shot. These pulled in 14 seconds, with a thick, hazelnut crema. It was perfect.

Breville The Barista Pro

Breville The Barista Pro

The machine has an auto infuse setting which mimics ‘blooming’ your coffee. This takes the acidic edge of any brew, so I tried this out and compared the flavors of my espressos. Again, it was no gimmick. The pre-infused espresso was distinctly smoother and sweeter.

The Americano follows a similar process. However, the brew head dispenses water rather than you having to move across to the steam wand. This might sound trivial, but it makes life so simple and easy, I really appreciated it. This is a feature I haven’t experienced many times, so I’m grateful when I can.

Steaming milk in the Breville The Barista Pro

Breville The Barista Pro latte

Breville The Barista Pro latte

Cappuccinos simply require you to add frothed milk. This is where you need to flex some barista skills because the machine doesn’t offer much support. I have experience with steam wands, so could make some nice, smooth, glossy milk with both oat and dairy options. The steam wand has a full 360 degrees of rotation, so never gets in the way of the portafilter or any other appliances. I could use it wherever I wanted to. Breville also provides a stainless steel jug, in their many extras, which is really useful if you want to get making coffee straight away.

However, if you’ve never steamed milk before, you’ll need to practice. I position the steam wand at a thirty degree angle. Keeping the tip of the steam wand out of the milk, I turn on the steam so that I hear a ticking noise and can see a milk whirlpool forming. The steam wand is drawing air slowly into the milk, creating a glossy milk. When the jug is too hot to touch with the palm of your hand, it is ready to use.

Should you buy the Breville The Barista Pro?

Breville The Barista Pro making espresso

Breville The Barista Pro making espresso

If you’re serious about coffee and want to invest in the best, there is no doubt in my mind about this machine. It’s excellent. If you’re a beginner and looking at more basic models, it’s worth trying Breville’s simple model the Bambino or Bambino Plus, both available at QVC. These will save you money, because you won’t have to pay for extra, excessive features.

We take all of our coffee makers to our dedicated test kitchen. Here, our team of experts will put them to the test. We take a look at how they will sit on the countertop, painting you a picture and warning you if it’s tall or big. Then, we will test all the functions that the espresso machine boasts. Many cups of coffee later, our experts will recount their thoughts to you. We’ll let you know our honest option, suggesting who we think the machine would suit and who should look elsewhere (plus what to look for).