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How to Store Cake So It Stays Fresher Longer

How to Store Cake So It Stays Fresher Longer

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I know the plan of leftover cake is anathema to quite a few. Who has cake still left around? But now and once more, you are confronted with additional cake than you are most likely to consume on the working day it was sliced. And when you can normally freeze baked merchandise to make them final, a correctly stored cake can final as lengthy as a week in your kitchen area, with little or no reduction of high-quality.

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Depending on the style of cake you have, storing it adequately will retain it at its most delightful for the longest amount of money of time. From preventing it from drying out, to preserving the frosting, to building sure it isn’t going to spoil, figuring out the various solutions of maintaining your cake at its peak will give you days of eating delight. But very first …

How NOT to retailer your cake.

Do not store cake in a heat or moist surroundings. These are a recipe for bacterial expansion or mould, and you never want to get sick from eating cake that has gone off! Also, be certain to retail outlet cakes correctly covered (far more on that to appear) to prevent attracting bugs or other vermin.

If I bought it refrigerated, do I maintain it refrigerated?

The general rule is that a cake you obtain cold should really remain chilly for storage. But that does not signify you want to eat it cold. As long as the cake is not an ice cream cake, consider any cake out of the fridge involving 30 minutes and 2 several hours right before slicing and serving for ideal taste and texture. The moment everyone has been served, you can retail outlet any leftovers in the fridge.

How to retail outlet cake

Loaf or Bundt Cakes

These cakes can be stored at great space temp, glazed or unglazed. For loaf cakes, I help save the cut heel-finish, only serving the heart items, and then place the heel back again on the slash end of the loaf to assistance keep dampness. For Bundt cakes, you can position a slice of delicate sandwich bread on the minimize finishes to obtain the same outcome, or include the ends in plastic wrap. Then place in a protected cake keeper, or on a plate with an inverted pot on major to retain the freshness in.

Snacking Cakes

These cakes are often unfrosted, or have a very simple glaze, or may well have a crumbly streusel topping. Think coffeecakes and the forms of cake that are superior for afternoon espresso or tea. These ought to be stored in their pan, with the minimize sides lined with plastic wrap, and the major loosely tented with foil.

Frosted Cakes

Cakes frosted with American-style frosting or buttercream (we like cream cheese frosting!) can be saved the exact same way as Bundt cakes. Cakes frosted with any of the European-style buttercreams or whipped cream, or filled with any product, custard or fresh-fruit fillings, really should be saved in the fridge. Location plastic wrap against the minimize edges, then position the cake in an airtight cake saver if you have one particular. If you never, you can use a substantial Tupperware-style bowl or container flipped upside-down to create a dome. If you don’t want to retain the cake entire, it can be effortlessly sliced into parts, positioned on plates and included with plastic wrap.

Cakes with any fresh fillings or frostings like whipped cream, custard or fruit will final about a few days, frosted cakes about five, and loaf or Bundt cakes up to a week. If you have a good deal of cake and are unlikely to consume it up in just that window, it will be fresher if you freeze it—or make someone’s working day and give the cake absent!

How to freeze (and thaw) cake

Portion slices and place on a parchment-paper-lined sheet pan and spot in the freezer, uncovered, until frozen good, 4 several hours to overnight. Wrap just about every frozen part in plastic wrap, then transfer to a zip-top rated freezer bag. To thaw, take away from the bag and unwrap, place on a plate and loosely cover with the plastic wrap and thaw right away in the fridge.

Bottom line

Irrespective of whether you have experienced an epic celebration, or have just been on a baking spree, it is often fantastic to have cake in the home. And when stored appropriately, cake can supply days of fulfilling consuming with no any reduction of texture or taste.

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