September 30, 2023

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Horrifying moment killer robot dog fires MACHINE GUN at ‘intruders’ in chilling Black Mirror-style nightmare

Horrifying moment killer robot dog fires MACHINE GUN at ‘intruders’ in chilling Black Mirror-style nightmare

THIS is the second a killer robotic pet dog can be seen firing a equipment gun at dummy burglars in a terrifying demo.

The clip is a chilling echo of the darkish sci-fi present Black Mirror’s “Metalhead” episode in which puppy bots assault men and women immediately after the mysterious collapse of human culture.


The clip shows the creepy canine firing targetsCredit: YouTube/Alexander Atamanov
Netflix Black Mirror robot dog


Netflix Black Mirror robot pet dogCredit: Netflix

And now a clip has been circulating on social media, demonstrating creepy robotic dogs related to people in the Netflix dystopian drama.

The horrific footage demonstrates a robotic doggy firing an assault rifle into targets.

It is not clear whether the puppy is firing on its possess or if someone is pulling the result in remotely.

According to Vice, the gun seems to be a PP-19 Vityaz submachine gun.

The puppy-bot appears to have a distinctive patch that includes a white wolf on its aspect, beneath the phrase Atamanov”.

The outlet traced the online video back to Alexander Atamanov, the founder of a Russian hoverbike firm from Moscow.

It seems he shared a photo of the pet dog on Fb back in March calling it “Skynet.”

And again in February, he shared a video of himself taking part in with the same robot doggy that is keeping espresso on its back again as a substitute of a gun. 

In 2019, Atamanov posted a video clip of himself taking pictures a gun, that appears just about equivalent to the 1 mounted on the puppy-bot.

The Russian’s online video arrives soon after a photograph of a gun-totting robotic emerged – dubbed a SWORD Protection Systems Exclusive Function Unmanned Rifle (SPUR) – was proven at the Association of the United States Army’s 2021 yearly convention.

In China, in the meantime, footage emerged of creepy robot canines parading the streets of Shanghai as the region ongoing to enforce the world’s strictest lockdown.

The 4-legged droids ended up tasked with spreading community overall health information amid the country’s extreme “zero covid policy”.

In the chilling video, the machine repeats a series of basic messages via a megaphone taped to its head.

It repeats: “Wear a mask, clean your arms, check out your temperature.”

The dog bot is called Skynet


The canine bot is named SkynetCredit: YouTube/Alexander Atamanov
Another creepy footage from China showed dog bots spreading public health information


One more creepy footage from China confirmed pet dog bots spreading general public health and fitness information and facts