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Essential Vegan Guide to Peet’s Summer Drinks

Essential Vegan Guide to Peet’s Summer Drinks

Peet’s Coffee and Tea is no Starbucks behemoth, but with almost 250 retailers across 8 states and the District of Columbia, it’s absolutely on the radar. The chain has produced sizeable strides towards propelling the vegan movement—its pastry circumstance options a number of vegan-friendly goodies and it was a single of the 1st important coffee chains to undertake plant milks outside of soy. Nevertheless, pretty a couple of its signature drinks include animal items in which we couldn’t expect (continue to be absent from the Havana Cappuccino, honey-themed beverages, Tea Fogs, typical Javivas, and Black Tie drinks). From magic formula menu objects to normal chilly brew, we’re right here to guidebook you to the finest vegan-welcoming summertime sips at Peet’s.  

Peet’s Coffee

1 Iced Brown Sugar Oat Latte

Aspect of the new summer months brown sugar assortment, this sweet drink is vegan as-is. It’s crafted with Pacific model oat milk, Peet’s identify manufacturer espresso, and a several pumps (dependent on the sizing) of each brown sugar syrup and easy syrup. It packs a caffeine and sugar jolt all in just one amazing sip. 
Barista Idea: Going through some June gloom? This seasonal beverage is also served incredibly hot. 


2 Brown Sugar Cold Brew Oat Latte

Equivalent to the Iced Brown Sugar Oat Latte, this beverage is plant-centered at its core. The only variance amongst the two is the caffeine resource. The previous is created with espresso whilst this beverage is centered in chilly brew. Simply because of that, you will get a little bit far more coffee flavor out of this individual consume. 
Barista Idea: Peet’s a short while ago included brown sugar-flavored “Jelly”, effectively boba, to its menu. If you’re into boba, this is the consume to pair it with. 

3 Iced Oat Milk Horchata Latte

No substitutions demanded, this cinnamony coffee beverage is vegan as it arrives. Out there scorching or iced, creamy oat milk is blended with two photographs of Peet’s bold espresso and combined with cinnamon spices and Madagascar vanilla syrup. Take note: when it used to be on the most important menu, this drink is now element of the Customers Only Menu. Even so, everyone can order it if you are in the know.   
Barista Suggestion: Past five o’clock? Get this household and add a shot of rum. 

VegNews.peetsmatchalattePeet’s Coffee

4 Iced Brown Sugar Matcha Oat Latte

We never ever imagined to pair brown sugar and matcha alongside one another, but Peet’s tends to make it do the job. The drink is built with Peet’s Natural Ceremonial Matcha Eco-friendly Tea layered with oat milk sweetened with brown sugar and simple syrup, all served above ice.  
Barista Tip: The chain also offers this beverage with Jelly. 

5 Iced Latte

An iced latte is fundamentally your preferred plant milk with a shot of espresso—you’ll get a caffeine jolt, but you’ll hardly style the coffee. Simply because most plant milks are sweetened, a liquid sweetener is not important. However, Peet’s caries vegan-friendly Monin syrups that are available to add to any beverage. Flavors include vanilla, sugar-free of charge vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, and coconut. Take note: the caramel syrup is vegan. The caramel sauce (used in the Caramel Macchiato) is made up of dairy. 
Barista Tip: Ask for an more shot of espresso to enjoy a more robust espresso flavor.  

6 Iced Mocha

No will need to fear dairy lurking in the chocolate sauce, Peet’s decadent iced mocha is vegan when purchased with plant milk. 
Barista Idea: Ice can take up volume and waters down your consume above time. Inquire for light ice to get much more of the excellent things and to take pleasure in your drink longer. 

7 Iced Espresso

Basic and straight to the place, an iced espresso is the fastest way to shock your technique with caffeine. 
Barista Tip: Talk to for a splash of plant milk and you have received by yourself an iced cortado—without the $.70 upcharge for non-dairy milk. 

VegNews.PeetcoldbrewPeet’s Espresso

8 Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Peet’s model of iced espresso is not very hot-brewed coffee that’s saved in the fridge—it’s a genuine chilly brew, that means the grounds had been steeped right away in chilly, filtered drinking water. The effect is a smoother, additional concentrated coffee that will rev your motor all afternoon. 
Barista Suggestion: Be careful if you system to insert a splash of plant milk, as some varieties curdle in cold brew. Oat and soy are likely to keep up the most effective. 

9 Iced Matcha Inexperienced Tea Latte

Matcha is not likely anywhere, and Peet’s is well mindful. This at the time-seasonal beverage is below to keep, even if you don’t see it on the menu. To purchase, merely as for a matcha latte with your favourite plant milk, served more than ice. 
Barista Tip: This beverage can be built with or without the need of a pump of basic syrup. If you are not a matcha purist, the consume exponentially benefits from a bit of sweetness. 

10 Iced Chai Latte

In contrast to Starbucks, Peet’s chai latte is vegan-welcoming (Starbucks’ has honey). It is a mildly sweet, spicy address that’s not very as caffeinated as espresso but continue to provides a mind raise. Like the iced matcha latte, you’ll only see the warm variation on the menu, but putting it in excess of ice can undoubtedly be performed. 
Barista Suggestion: Make it a dirty chai by inquiring for the Iced Chai Espresso Latte.  

11 Iced Tea

Uncomplicated and refreshing, Peet’s gives iced variations of its Wild Berry Hibiscus (natural), Summer months Solstice (black), and Environmentally friendly Tropical teas. Aid yourself to a couple drops of very simple syrup at the self-provide station liquid sweetener (opposed to powdered) mixes greater with cold beverages. 
Barista Tip: Pair any iced tea with lemonade for a refreshing and slightly caffeinated sip.  

VegNews.PeetsshakersPeet’s Coffee

12 Iced Tea Shakers with Fruit

Not into espresso but crave one thing a lot more fascinating than plain iced tea? Attempt an Iced Tea Shaker with Fruit. Peet’s provides six intriguing and refreshing flavors, each and every pairing a unique iced tea with fruit puree, very simple syrup, lemonade, and fruit parts. Alternatives include Yuzu Citrus Black Tea, Strawberry Lemon, Citrus Hibiscus, Berry Hibiscus, Pineapple Citrus Environmentally friendly Tea, and Tropical Berry Environmentally friendly Tea. 
Barista Idea: Simple syrup and lemonade a little bit far too sweet? Ditch the straightforward syrup for a consume that doesn’t overdo it on sugar. 


A Frappé is Peet’s rendition of the Starbucks Frappuccino. The blended drinks are made with ice, freshly brewed coffee (or a tea like matcha and chai), and flavored syrup. To purchase your Frappé vegan, talk to for no whip and swap in non-dairy milk. Also, prevent the Caramel and Chocolate & Caramel Swirl Frappés, as they have dairy-dependent caramel sauce. 
Barista Suggestion: Even though these drinks would be fantastic topped with a swirl of coconut whip, the chain discontinued this presenting in 2019. If you are hunting for a fun topping, request for a drizzle of chocolate sauce on major. 

14Iced American Flat White

Peet’s differentiates this niche beverage by combining a ristretto (aka a brief, potent shot of espresso) with whole milk and pouring the mixture above ice. When purchased with plant milk, it is rarely different than an iced latte, and it charges the very same. 
Barista Idea: This is element of the solution Loyalty Member Menu.

15Iced Hazelnut Mocha

What is an iced hazelnut mocha but liquid, caffeine-infused Nutella? Yes, be sure to. Ask for no whip and swap in your beloved plant milk and you are golden. 
Barista Suggestion: Another top secret menu merchandise, this drink is conveniently recreated with a pump of hazelnut syrup to your typical mocha. Sipping a bit late? Question for decaf or half-caf. 

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