February 26, 2024

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Costco’s New Churro Bundt Cake Will Have You Running to the Store

Costco’s New Churro Bundt Cake Will Have You Running to the Store

But know this before you go.


Finally, the food court-favorite churros are making their way into Costco’s grocery aisles, and in the most delicious fashion imaginable. Ladies and gentlemen, Costco is now selling a decadent Churro Bundt with Dulce de Leche, made by California bakers Bakery Street Inc.

The latest bakery treats at Costco have been automatic hits, with new items like the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake and Lemon Blueberry Loaf flying off the shelves faster than we can even report on them, and this brand-new cinnamon Bundt is no exception.

This churro cake, in all its cinnamon-sugar glory, just appeared on our Instagram feeds last week, but, as it turns out, Reddit users have been buzzing about this find for the past couple of weeks. One user left a rave review after trying it out, calling it a “certified banger.” Although moist and rich, they shared, it isn’t just your average cinnamon pound cake—it has a “very distinct churro flavor.”

“Even in the crumbs, you can see an abundance of cinnamon churro goodness,” the user commented. “Killer as a morning coffee cake.”

The 40-ounce Bundt (yep, that’s a whopping 2.5 pounds of cake) is topped with a Dulce de Leche drizzle and powdered sugar dusting. The $10 dessert is undoubtedly for the most serious of sweet tooths, but the buttery, sweetly spiced cake would pair perfectly with a dark roast coffee.

“P.S. — it’s also magical with a shot of whipped cream on top,” the Reddit user added.

However, before you run out to the store (like we did, immediately), you should know the catch. 

The cinnamon-flavored Bundt is probably not available in your area. So far, it’s only been spotted in California Costco stores (specifically in the Bay Area) and no news of further sales has surfaced yet. However, we hope with enough national excitement, the big box store will consider taking the cakes beyond California. 

Alongside the Churro Bundt, Bakery Street Inc. has other treats on Bay Area shelves including some delectable-looking Raspberry Lemon Mini Bundt Cakes and Banana Walnut Mini Loafs. The Raspberry Lemon Rose Bundt is another sweet we set out for before learning it wasn’t available everywhere.

You probably know by now that Costco’s offerings vary by region, but that doesn’t make us want this churro-flavored treat any less. So, in case you now have a serious, sudden craving for a cinnamon sugar Bundt cake, we’ll just leave this Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Coffee Cake recipe right here.