February 24, 2024

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Breville the Barista Express Impress review

Breville the Barista Express Impress review

One-minute review

For anyone who loves to try new coffee bean blends and experiment with ground coffee flavours, the stylish Breville the Barista Express Impress is a joy to use. It’s designed to help you achieve the barista-style “4 keys formula” as created by some of the best coffee machines in professional settings. This comprises the perfect dose of ground beans, a precise temperature, optimal water pressure and impressive microfoam for experimenting with latte art. 

The Barista Express Impress is an update on the popular Breville Barista Express coffee machine. It has many of the same features as its predecessor, such as a 2L water tank, 54mm portafilter and steel conical burrs. However, the Barista Express Impress comes with 25 precision grind settings, as opposed to 16 of the older model. The new machine also features a smart dosing “puck system” with assisted tamp lever. This offers up an easy-to-read LED display that provides dosing feedback as soon as you press the grind button and hold down the tamp lever, offering guidance to achieve great-tasting coffee. Each grind delivered to the filter basket is based on the previous grind – which you can adjust to your liking – so you can make the best cup of coffee tailored to your taste.