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70 Smashed, Mashed and Roasted Red Potato Recipes To Transform the Baby Spud

70 Smashed, Mashed and Roasted Red Potato Recipes To Transform the Baby Spud

Red potatoes can do it all.

If you love potatoes, and can’t live without them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you’re probably well acquainted with the more popular Yukon Gold and russet potato varieties.

Now it’s time to try a less common variety: the red potato. Relatively smaller in size compared to their larger white and yellow counterparts, red potatoes are called that precisely because they have thin, red skin with some light brown spots or speckles.

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How To Cook Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are often cooked with their skin on, and they are waxy and dense in texture, with an earthy flavor.

Whether you like cooking red potatoes in a skillet or prefer oven-roasted red potatoes, red potato salad, boiled and mashed red potatoes, or cooked and smashed red potatoes, there are countless ways to cook these baby red baby spuds. And undoubtedly they make unique size dishes (or mains—we won’t judge!).

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Best Red Potato Recipes

Here are 70 of the best red potato recipes for any time of day. Browse through them, make sure you pin your favorites (and we assure you there’ll be plenty!) and let’s get cooking.

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The Diary of a Real Housewife

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