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19 Recipes for Ripe Bananas (That Aren’t Banana Bread)!

19 Recipes for Ripe Bananas (That Aren’t Banana Bread)!

Bananas are a single of my favorite fruits, and I go by means of about a bunch a 7 days all by myself! I am frequently whipping up 1-ingredient banana ice cream or taking in a single as a snack, slathered with a minimal nut butter.

At times though, my bananas get a minor brown. Most people see brown bananas and believe: banana bread. Whilst I am all for a excellent banana bread, from time to time I want a banana dessert that’s a minor bit unique. Banana cakes, banana bars, banana cookies…all thoroughly underrated, but certainly delicious.

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Bananas are a normal sweetener and pair incredibly with so numerous flavors (chocolate, peanut butter, Nutella). The texture and the humidity in bananas usually means they generally support continue to keep dishes tender and by no means dry.

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Best Banana Recipes

So If you are a banana lover too, you have acquired to try out these 19 most effective banana recipes that aren’t banana bread! There’s all the things from Salted Caramel Banana Cream Pie and Banana Nut Bars, to Banana Crumb Cake, Banana Pudding, muffins, protein pancakes and additional.

Ripe Banana Recipes

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